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[Feb. 4th, 2007|09:36 pm]
Fit With Baby
Hi there, this is my first post and I hope somebody can help me out!

I have a 4 year old and a 14mo, whom I am still breastfeeding (officially twice a day, plus at night time if he wakes); I am also about 10-15kg overweight. I have been dieting, and had been losing weight at a fairly steady pace (500-700g a week); and maintaining around 1700-1800 calories (I am "allowed" 2000 cal a day - but I have selective food amnesia, and the 'spare' 200 cal allows for stuff I've forgotten, or picking off the kids plates etc)

BUT... Last Monday, I had my first trip in an ambulance, spent the night in casualty, and have most likely got gallstones (I get a tick for 6/6 from the list of people most likely, darn it). I'm still in the diagnosis etc phase and it was suggested I cut out fatty foods, dairy, etc. I have managed this (and lost 2kg in the week since it first happened!) and been content hungerwise; but today... I was flat out *all* day; I walked a lot (albeit at 4yo pace), plus had to pack up the car after our weekend away (and unpack it as well). I also didn't eat all that much, as the choices available to me that were low fat were virtually non-existant; and according to the calorie counter I use - I'm in the negatives! I have burned more than I have eaten.

I am also bloody starving! And as we've been away, the pantry looks like Mother Hubbard's (bare!) I did have a substantial evening meal (steak, salad and a potato, followed by a peach), but I'm still hungry and am having toast and jam at the moment.

So - after a very very long story - I guess I need some low fat, filling snacks I can keep in the cupboard to stop this from happening again next time I have a busy day. Extra points for portability, too. Of course, I am the pickiest eater in the universe, and don't eat things like tuna or salmon.

[User Picture]From: smurfetts_lamb
2007-02-05 04:13 am (UTC)
Bananas are the first thing I suggest. Next find a cereal or a granola you can eat and package it in bags per serving. Nuts are another good thing. They will help you with the protein and if you are careful with serving size they can still be an ok fat.
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