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fit_with_baby's Journal

Fit With Baby
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As stated above, this userinfo is currently under construction. Things may be added, words you saw previously may change or disappear...it's all part of the excitement. haha.

We are a community geared specifically towards moms (obviously), and most of the information is more specifically for breast-feeding moms. Please do not feel excluded if you are not in this category. Everyone can follow the weekly and daily goals as well as do the exercises shown and esplained. All moms (or moms-to-be) are welcome!


*This community promotes a positive self-image. We understand that you may not feel your best, or your sexiest, but please do not post things like "I hate my _____ soo much", or "I look so fat and ugly!". Some of our members may be recovering from an eating disorder, and do not need to see that (well, even if you didn't have an ED, it's not good for anyone to read!). This includes posting pictures of stick-thin models, or other unnatural looking bodies, and declaring it your "inspiration".

*Related to the above - this is not a pro-eating disorder community. If you have an active eating disorder of any kind, please do not look to this community for help in continuing that lifestyle. You will not find it. Recovering or recovered members are welcome, though. Please be aware of anything that may be triggering to others (such as the bad-self image posts)

*Food logs, exercise logs, etc. are welcome. Please place behind a cut, though, and be specific (ie: "Today's Food and Exercise!" or whatever).

*Stories about your babies/children are welcome! Of course this is mostly a weightloss/health community, but we are all moms and *most* of us love hearing stories about other children and seeing pictures.

*Pictures are welcome! However, please place all pictures, or any lengthy posts, behind a cut as well (to save our members' friends pages!).

*Drama is NOT WELCOME HERE. There are plenty of communities for stuff like that. This is not a rating community. No name-calling, no snarking, no rudeness. Hopefully it will not be an issue, but we will deal with it as needed if it becomes one.

*Feel free to promote other communities here, as long as they relate to either weightloss (and are NOT pro-ed!), or babies, or both. If you are unsure, check with us first.

This introduction is completely optional. You may opt out of any introduction whatsoever or you may choose to use another format for your introduction. You may also leave parts of the introduction out. If you do choose to introduce yourself after you join, please do so in 2 places. One, in your own post so that everyone who belongs to the community may read and two, in this post (http://community.livejournal.com/fit_with_baby/473.html) so that everyone can go back and read information about each member. Please make all intro posts friends only. There is personal information in them and I would hate to have anyone hurt because of them.

Marital status:
Number of kids:
Kids' ages / due dates:
Parenting style:
Breastfeeding or pumping:
If you are BF/pumping, how long do you plan on doing so:
SAHM or working mom:
If SAHM, when are you returning to work:
If working, how many hours a week:
Have you, or are you currently suffering from post partum depression:

Weight & Fitness
Weight pre-pregnancy:
Weight before giving birth:
Weight now:
Goal weight:
What kind of schedualed fitness do you do:
What kind of fitness are you interested in doing:

Do you eat 3 meals a day:
Are you aware of how many calories you should be eating while nursing:
Do you know how many calories you're currently eating in a day:
Are you an emotional eater:
Do you eat a lot of high sugar foods (candy,chocolate etc):

Anything else you want to tell us?
Pictures! (but only if you feel comfortable)

The reason behind the weight questions is to help us all to be accountable to not only others but OURSELVES. This community believes that by saying "I'll try" means the battle is already being lost, we want to adapt the philosophy "I will".